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Loctionews changes the way we read news. It shows what’s happening around you or around the world, on a convenient map-based interface. It is a new way to organize your daily information feed. You can read news around the world from different locations, 

categories, or publications. Get familiar with things happening around you, follow regional politics or read the latest sports scores. With our map you will find the information that is relevant and touches your everyday life!

Locationews content is produced by traditional media, regional publishers and citizen journalist. You can also become a publisher! A Locationews citizen journalist conveys interesting information from his/her environment.

Map based application

  • Locationews works on all of your devices, from mobile to desktop.

  • You find different publishers easily from the same place.

  • You can use our intuitive search and browse tools or travel on the map to read news easily even from the other side of the world.

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Optimized mobile experience

  • Locationews is built especially for mobile devices

  • Automatic location tracking shows you content inside a user-defined radius.

  • Time browsing lets you travel back and forth in time and see older content.

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A powerful tool for publishers

Locationews offers a powerful publishing channel for free. Your content will reach a wider audience with a strong regional focus. This is valuable for your advertising revenue*

Locationews is built for publishers ranging from multinational publications to citizen journalists. Anyone can become a publishers, try it!

This is how you publish

  • Log in to your publisher dashboard

  • Go to “my publications” and create a new publication

    You can define your publisher details, logo and theme color. You can use your existing publisher-brand or create something totally new! Remember to define your home location.

  • If you already have a publication in WordPress, install our plug-in

    With our plug-in you can automatically publish your WordPress articles on Locationews just by activating it and defining a location for your articles.

  • Or go to “my articles” and create a new article inside Locationews

    It works just as you would expect it to. Our easy to use markup-editor lets you style your article and add pictures.

  • Ready! Go to and read your article!

*Coming later in 2017

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