KarttaMap – The Technology Behind Locationews Solutions

Geolocation Management System GMS

Geolocation Management System GMS is our powerful tool for customized maps. Publisher can easily create new places or routes and connect them to the content.

GMS is ideal for themed maps, story routes and other special solutions. It is fast and intuitive to use, perfect for busy journalists and content creators!

The publisher can use GMS for example for making a travel story series or  a customized interactive local news map!

Geolocator AI

Geolocator AI can locate any article with our unique AI-based solution. It can be used for news articles, municipalities, releases or any kind of geolocally relevant source.

  • AI-based text-locating
    • Uses contextual analysis, photo exif, multiple places scoring and user feedback
  • At least 10 different supported languages (including Finnish)
  • Supports RSS-standard, GeoRSS, different XML-formats and social media feed

Embedded Locationews Features

Embedded Locationews Features (ELF) is a system integration in which Locationews’s functionalities will be embedded in the publisher’s website

  • Fully customizable styles
  • All/selected features
  • Hosting: Cloud / publisher’s server

Locationews Article Tool

Locationews Article Tool is literally a WYSIWYG-solution for citizen journalism. It is intuitive and really fast to use. The user can write an article with a mobile device or a computer. 

Locationews Article Tool is a really effective solution for user-sourced publishing.

  • Real WYSIWYG experience
  • Ultra responsible (from mobile to desktop)
  • Intuitive workflow
  • Modern slot-based design 
  • Integrates to any platform
  • Photos/videos