Locationews Ltd. builds location-based solutions for publishers and digital media.

The basic idea is simple: Let’s combine content and geolocation. Then put together sources from media houses and public entities to bloggers and show the outcome on the publisher’s website.

Voilà! Now we have a hyperlocal  content feed or map.

Matkailukartta – A Travel Map for Destination Marketing Organizations

Locationews TravelMap is a powerful solution for Destination Marketing Organizations (DMOs), Municipalities and other travel-related organizations.

Geolocation Management System – The technology behind our solutions

We have created powerful tools for geolocation based content creation and publishing.

Retkipaikka Explories – A Blogging Platform for Outdoor Stories

Retkipaikka Explories is a blogging platform for Finnish outdoor enthusiasts. A geolocation-based platform is the best solution for sharing outdoor experiences, telling stories and finding the most unique activities.